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Cherrybomb Chat: Lashes & Brows

Hello lovelies,

It’s that time again where I share some of the fabulous fun I’ve been having at Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour which is a fabulous salon based in Lathlain, and they’re truly you’re one stop glamour shop catering from hair, to a heap of amazing beauty treatments! Being the face of their company, each week I’m blogging about the fabulous styling, treatments and other fun I’m having there.

Today I’ll be talking about eyelash extensions and brow treatments of which I’ve been in for a few visits now and can definitely say I’ve been adoring both services. I thought it would be best to break down these individually and explain the process, my experience and thoughts.

Eyelash Extensions:

Eyelash extensions are so very glamorous, they creates the illusion of having either naturally long lashes or wearing false eyelashes. I’ve had both “Classic” style which are individual lashes attached to each lash creating a beautiful full look, and”Volume” which is a couple lightweight lashes attached to each eyelash, which creates an incredible fuller false eyelash look. The process takes around an hour and a hour to two hours, and refills taking around an hour, but I’d say it’s definitely worth the wait. During this time your eyes are shut as their beautiful technician precisely applies each eyelash with great care. Eyelash extensions are definitely something you don’t cut corners on, finding a well trained technician is very important as I’ve heard of so many stories of these being botched, when done properly eyelash extensions are safe and shouldn’t damage your eyelashes.

My experience having these one for a little while now has been fantastic, the staff are so friendly in making you feel comfortable during your appointment, and educating you on aftercare as well as giving you a special wash to help ensure the longevity of your extensions. I feel I’ve got really good wear out of them, with them looking fabulous after a month before going to get a refill. The look is utterly amazing, even without any eye makeup you have such a lovely pinup look. Out of the two lash types I’d say the classic had a more natural beautiful look, but the Volume was perfect for my wedding, and performances I’ve had.

Cherrybomb, in my opinion, is the most glamorous place in Perth to get lashed!

Brow Treatments:

Those who know me know I’m all about the brows, a good brow really frames the face! At Cherrybomb they aim to help you improve your current brow growth, shape and make your brow really pop. In my treatments I’ve had my brow shaped and tinted.

This photo is from my first treatment, I will share an updated photo as soon as I can.

This photo is from my first treatment, I will share an updated photo as soon as I can. These are my natural lashes in the photo too.

Since I was quite young my brows have always been quite faint, and aren’t very full, especially toward the tail of the brow. That was until these treatments, the amount of eyebrow I’ve grown is incredible and if you told me this could happen I’d not believe you without experiencing it for myself! Prior to my treatments with Cherrybomb I’ve never had my brows waxed, shaped or tinted and I’m loving the overall look, not only had the shape and growth improved but the tinting leaves them bold without makeup which I’m just in love with.

Both of these services are truly incredible and something I played around with prior to my my wedding, and Cherrybomb are the fabulous salon I chose to use for all my beauty needs in the lead up to my big day, I was so happy with the overall look with a big thanks to them. I will have more details in my big wedding blog coming soon but Cherrybomb did my eyelashes, eyebrows, nails, cut and coloured my hair.14702275_10157562989400228_875627462414302409_n

To book an appointment with Cherrybomb call 9361 7950 and they can assist you with all you vintage beauty needs!

More vintage fun coming real soon!

Much love,
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