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Christmas Blog!

Hello lovelies,

With Christmas being so very near I thought it would be lovely to share a fabulous Christmas blog and video! In this video I’m chatting about Christmas shopping, cooking, and my decorations around  the house. Having so much vintage furniture and trinkets I utilise decorating what’s already there, and using a miniature Christmas Tree!

This year for Christmas my husband and I have a brunch with my side of the family, and dinner with his side which will make for one busy but delicious day!

My Christmas Recipes:

This being my second vegan Christmas, and my husband’s first I’m quite excited to be cooking more, and more food for others to try. What a beautiful life is a gift it is to give at this time of the year. I’ve listed below the recipes I plan on putting together in case you yourself would like to try these, or have vegan friends or family who may like this!

Vegan Sausage Rolls:

Recipe from Vengeful

Recipe from Veggieful

Get the vegan sausage roll recipe from Veggieful!

Vegan Mushroom Wellington:

Vegan Avocado Pasta Salad:

Photo from Emilie Eats.

Photo from Emilie Eats.

Get this recipe here!

Vegan Banana Bread:

Recipe here!

With this recipe once the bread has cook, I’m going to butter the bread, add a little sugar and toast on a hot plate, and then cut into small pieces. On Christmas day I’ll then dip each piece in coconut cream, and garnish with a strawberry!

I’m also planning to bake a few others things like chocolate cake, and cupcakes if I have enough time. I’ll be sharing a full blog after Christmas of all I made!

Starburst Ornament Tutorial:


What you’ll need: 

  • Paper, I’ve used a red and white polka dot paper, with white background.
  • Scissors.
  • Ribbon, lace, or string to hang your ornament.
  • A pencil.
  • Glue, hot glue gun or double sided tape.
  • Sequins or rhinestones (optional).


Step one:
Firstly I made myself the stencil, you can just copy them from below and change the size as you’d like. For mine I first drew a starburst, I then traced this to create two parts, part A which has points going horizontally, and vertically, part B has its points running on 45 degree angles.


Step two: 
I cut out my stencil and used them to mark up my beautiful paper, I do this on the white side so it’s easy to cut this.


Step three:
I then proceed to cut out all my pieces. I need one part A and one part B to create a single starburst. I put all the part B’s with the white side facing up as this is how I wish to make them with two colours feature.


Step four:
I then take part B, and ensure that this is sitting horizontal, with the points stemming off at a 45 degree angle, like the picture below. I take my adhesive (hot glue gun), and apply a little dollop to the very centre.



I have part A ready next to this, with the longest point facing the bottom, and the smallest point facing the top to stick on top of this. One I’m sure I have the point in the right direction, I stick part A on TOP of part B 


Step five: (optional)
I next take a crystal or sequin and glue to the centre of my star.



Step six: 
To finish my starburst I take my lace or string and cut a 4 inch piece and fold this in half. I glue the ends to the back of my starburst ornament. Once dry which only take a few seconds with hot glue, your ornament is ready to be hung!



I hope you have a Merry Christmas & happy holidays!


More vintage fun coming real soon!

Much love,
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