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Weekly Vintage Attire

Hello lovelies,

Today I’m sharing my weekly vintage attire blog, featuring all the glamorous clothing I wore last week, and a little on what I’ve been up. I love sharing styling of clothing to hopefully bring a little sunshine your way and maybe give you a little inspiration too!

My week started with escaping the heat by working from home in a glamorous true vintage sleepwear dress. We’ve been having a few 40 degree celsius and beyond days in Perth, and I’m definitely very thankful I often work from home during the week, especially so my puppies don’t have to be outside in the heat!

Tuesday was a fabulous day of work, and visiting my favourite place, Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour, for my nail and brow appointment.


Blouse: Hellbunny from Off Ya Tree.
Skirt and belt: Cherri Lane.
Necklace: Erstwilder from Pretty Dress Australia. 
Shoes: Burlesque Baby.


At Cherrybomb with every treatment you are able to have some delicious homemade treats that Michelle creates herself, this week I had the banana ice-cream and banana bites, so good! She also caters really well for all dietary needs, which is amazing since I’m vegan.


I’ve also finally started on writing the thank you cards for our wedding, it’s been a little time consuming as I’m writing each one in calligraphy but I think it’s definitely worth the extra special effort for the beautiful result. I’ve set myself the task of 10 a day.

Here’s a post-brow treatment photo to show off just how fabulous the final result were from Cherrybomb. I’ve blogged a full review on this before, but I can’t speak highly enough on this, as I’ve managed to grow so much more eyebrow hair especially on the outer tail of the brow!


Wednesday was a bit more of a casual day with errands and my usual work. I love keeping fresh flowers in the house, and I’m very spoilt that my husband buys them for me all the time.


Playsuit: Peter Alexander.
Brooch: Glitter Paradise, a beautiful gift.


A little showcase of my undergarments for Thursday. I simply adore this bra from the Dita Von Teese collection. On this day I was also off to Cherrybomb again for a colour and style session! We ended up styling a glamorous braid which is just perfect for this hot weather!


Dress: market find.
Belt: Cherri Lane. 


Cardigan: the Dita cardigan from Wheels & Dollbaby.


My weekend was full of fun and social adventures, Saturday was relaxing and I caught up with one of my best friends. You can always tell when there’s a dip in the temperature as I pull out something more fitting to the weather!


I found this fabulous leopard prop, which I’ve name Lorelei the leopard, which will be perfect for a jungle performance I’m working on as well as photo shoots!


Sunday I had brunch with friends at Pearfect Pantry which was unbelievable delicious! I ordered the vegan waffles with banana sauce and banana smoothie, so much yum! I highly recommend this place, though it is hard to spot when you first visit it!

Blouse: op shop find.
Jewellery: true vintage pieces I’ve inherited from my family.
Skirt: Memory Lane.
Belt: Cherri Lane. 


In the evening we had a surprise dinner for my beautiful friend Sammy, followed by playing an escape room at Ultimate Roomscape, so much fun and very challenging, but we’re going to do it again on a different game!


I hope you have a truly glamorous week, and don’t forget to dream big and make it happen!

More vintage fun coming real soon!

Much love,
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5 comments on “Weekly Vintage Attire

  1. Eleanor Splicer
    January 11, 2017

    All the outfits are lovely.

    • Miss Lady Lace
      January 11, 2017

      Why thank you! I do adore dressing up.

      • Eleanor Splicer
        January 11, 2017

        It is fun. I don’t do it as much due to my job having a uniform

      • Miss Lady Lace
        January 11, 2017

        Can you have fun with hair and makeup or is it quite strict?

      • Eleanor Splicer
        January 11, 2017

        Not strict but I’m outside a lot doing a lot of stuff so make up and hair being done isn’t practical

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