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Hello lovelies,


A little while ago I shared a photo on my Instagram on self care and the importance of this, which lead to more photos and the interest from you beautiful people, with all of this I thought I’d put together a little blog on this topic. I do hope you enjoy it!


Self care is taking the time to care for yourself, it’s so easy for us to become so very busy and working on so much we forget to work on ourselves and keep our souls happy and healthy, this can be dangerous as we can wear ourselves out, and regularly practise unhealthy lifestyle choices. There’s a famous quote that says “You can’t pour from an empty cup”, which I completely agree is true, you have to take time to care yourself so you can achieve those amazing dreams you have.


Firstly it’s important to identify when you’re starting to work to hard, or run yourself down, maybe you have trouble getting up in the morning, maybe you depend on unhealthy foods, or maybe you’re feeling more irritated. Self care is a good treatment, but also a good preventative measure, taking the time to act on some self care can help the longevity of your work.


Now that we’ve begun to discuss this, what can you do to be self caring for yourself? We’re all unique people so it will depend on what makes you happiest, you want to take part in something that enriches your life, but is different to you work, something that gives you time to relax, and recharge. I’ve put together a little list below of self care that I like to do myself.


My Self Care: 


  1. Hydration: Taking time to sit back and have a glass of lovely chilled water is not only relaxing but good for you body.


  2. Animals: Animals are definitely the answer to all happiness, they’re wonderful unconditionally loving things that are wonderful for our spirits. I’ve heard of many workplaces in America having animals in areas to help de-stress workers!


  3. Tidy space, tidy mind: Having a clean area whether at home or work can help declutter our mind to relax and then refocus.


  4. Yoga/stretching: Yoga or stretching is a great way to clear our mind and put our worries aside for a while.


  5. Nature: visiting a park, the beach or even just spending time in your garden is a great way to relax and bring peace to your mind.


  6. Nutritious food: you are what you eat, and in times of stress it’s easy to eat not as well, I’m definitely one for treating myself to the foods I love, but I also know that if I want to feel good, I fuel my body with healthful foods. Green smoothies, fruit, muesli and nuts are my favourite!


  7. Uplifting music: Listening to music that inspires us is a great way to recharge and zone out, having a sing along is a great way to release some good energy!


  8. Gratitude journal: It can be easy to think about the negative, keep a journal of what you’re grateful for can be a good way to focus on what’s important, and appreciate all we have.


  9. Candles: There’s something magical about candles that add to the atmosphere in a room, I love to enjoy the candlelight!


Don’t be afraid to mix and match the above ideas, and even combine them! I’d love to hear about your own self care tips too, so please comment below or on my social media!

More fabulous vintage fun coming soon!

Much love,

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