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Wet Set Aftercare

Hello lovelies,

I’ve created this fabulous video to show you the aftercare steps I take before bed to make my vintage curls last as long as possible. I’ve experimented with a few ways you can re-pin your hair before bed but this is the method I’ve found most successful and comfortable for sleeping.

You’ll just need a hair brush, hair sponge/hair rat, bobby pins and hair scarf.In this tutorial the hair sponge/hair rat I’m using is 4 inches long, and the chiffon headscarf is 26 inches by 26 inches.

I’m so very excited to finally have upgraded my camera, for far too long I’ve just been using my webcam to create videos. I have so many exciting new videos planned as well as re-filming some of the videos I’ve made in the past.

More vintage fun coming real soon!

Much love,

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