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Australian Pin Up Pageant

Hello lovelies,

A couple of weeks have now passed since at the Australian Tattoo Expo, and I thought it would be lovely to share a little blog about what I took part in at this event, for those who may have missed it on my social media. This expo tours around Australia every year and taking place in Perth every September. With it featuring tattoo culture and many booths with tattooist where you can get inked, as well as other booths on fashion, culture, and so much more.

At each event Pin Ups by Stealth host the Australian Pin Up Pageant, which this year has become a national contest. I was honoured to have won the 2014 WA event, and with the contest evolving into a larger event that could see me in the grand finals, I decided to enter! Out of a pool of entrant a top three were selected which included myself, Amelia Kisses, and Miss Veronica Lily.

For the state final we had to prepare an outfit and poses for evening war, and swimwear or lingerie as well as a talent to perform. In this blog I’ve featured just a few fabulous photos from pinup contest, most of which are taken by the talented Kim Anderson from Shoot The Wicked Witch.


Between each section we had five minutes to change, so backstage was a little frantic but a very supportive environment. Once all the talents were performed, we changed back into our evening gowns preparing to find out who would be this year’s WA winner and heading to the grand final. We huddled side of stage, and had a big group hug awaiting the announcements…

In third place Amerlia Kisses!!

In second place Miss Veronica Lily!!

And in first place yours truly!

Stepping out on stage it was a completely surreal moment, I received the biggest crown I’ve ever seen and twirled down the runway holding onto it so it wouldn’t fall from my head. This year’s top competitors were truly fierce and were all stunning, both ladies I know personal and they’re both phenomenal performers who I was lucky to share the stage with.

I can’t thank the Australian Tattoo Expo, and Pin Ups by Stealth enough for organising such a fabulous event. Running my own events I understand the hard work they put in to create something from nothing.

I’ll be headed to Melbourne in December to compete in the grand final! Representing Western Australia is an absolute honour, and I will put in my soul to make my home state proud. I feel humbled by the beautiful women I surround myself and so happy we can all work together in uplifting one another.

More vintage fun coming real soon!

Much love,

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