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Pinup Day Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello loveleis,

Today I have for you a fabulous tutorial where I’m be demonstrating how I style my pinup day eye makeup. This is my everyday look which may be quite extravagant for many people, but you can still apply what I’m teaching to a more subtle look.

I’m definitely a believe of each to their own, whether you like to wear no makeup at all or be in drag everyday, you should believe just how beautiful you are from the inside out.

Eyeliner: Elf with The Vamp Stamp.
Eye shadow: Designer Brands.
Dress: Lindy Bop.
Hair flower: Daisy Jean.

My vamp stamp tutorial.

Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see more fabulous makeup tutorials!

Do you like to wear pinup makeup everyday or are you makeup free gal?

As always be sure to subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with all my vintage fun!

Much love,

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