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July’s Vintage Attire

Hello lovelies,

Who else can hardly believe that August is here? With another month down it’s time for my Monthly Vintage Attire Blog featuring all my favourite vintage attire from the month of July! It’s been a busy month of planning, working hard and making dreams happen.

Dress: Lucy In Disguise.
Bag: Lola Von Rose.
Gloves and earrings: Vintage Market.

Hat: Hey Joe Retro.
Dress: Memory Lane

The Perth Pinup Community hosted a fabulous chocolate meet up, where we went to San Churros for a rather unhealthy dinner. It was fabulous catch up with these beautiful ladies. Having such a wonderful community in Perth has brought my life so much joy, and I count my blessings for them.

Cardigan: Wheels & Dollbaby.
Skirt: Memory Lane.
Belt: Cherri Lane.
Earrings: Vintage Markets.
Hair flower: op shop find.

Dress: Memory Lane.
Brooch: Vintage Markets.

Alyssa Kitt Workshop

The talented artist Alyssa Kitt visited Perth recently, hosting a couple wonderful workshops which I was privileged to attend. I met some lovely ladies and had a booty shaking good time! You’re never too good at something to learn more, always be working to perfect your craft.
Hat: Hey Joe Retro.
Dress: Memory Lane.
Cardigan: op shop find.

Dress: Grace Karin.
Hair Flower: Daisy Jean Floral.

Feather & Sage Photoshoot invited myself and a few of my favourite pinup girls to their studio for one fabulous shoot. If you missed out on the fun I posted up a video a little while ago from the day!


Behind the scenes with Miss Veronica Lily, Miss Lillian Rose, and Miss Mon Mon.


Dress: vintage off Etsy.

The Boudoir Burlesque Show’s beautiful cast.

I was so honoured to host The Boudoir Burlesque Show on July 21st, with a special edition to fundraise for my trip to Brisbane for the Australian Burlesque Festival. It was a sell out event which is just so great and I’m so thankful for all those who supported the event.

Blouse: Wheels & Dollbaby.
Skirt: op shop find.
Belt: Cherri Lane.

Secret glamour missions!

Dress: Memory Lane.
Hair Flower: Diasy Jean Floral.

For July I thoroughly enjoyed my weekly visit to Cherrybomb where I was spoilt with beauty treatments, hair care, styling, and lots of vegan treats, here are just a few looks from this month.

Blouse: Grace Karin.
Belt: Cherri Lane.
Skirt: op shop find.

It was another big month for my Pinup Academy, with lots of fabulous classes with beautiful people.

Here’s to making August even more fabulous!

More vintage fun coming soon!

Much love,

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