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Pinup Book Review!

Hello lovelies, it’s Miss Lady Lace here, and today I have for you a fabulous book review on a newly released pinup book. It’s no secret that I adore images of glamorous pinup models and that I love to collect books that inspire and educate me. Every week I utilise vintage and modern books about pinups, burlesque, fashion and makeup to inspire myself and research further into my passions. Pinup books are particularly invaluable for posing inspiration, styling and performance creation in my work.

Today I’m so excited to be featuring “Calendar Girls, Sex Goddesses & Pinup Queens of the ‘40s, ‘50s, and 60’s”. I was recently contacted by the author Jon Ortner, asking if I’d like to receive and review this book, which was truly thrilling as I can’t say no to a pinup publication! Jon Ortner is a passionate collector and internationally acclaimed photographer and author of six books. His “Calendar Girls” book has been a huge project with many decades of collecting actual calendar and pinup prints from flea markets and anywhere else he could find them.

The introduction explores the history and evolution of pinups, methods of photography and printing. It also tells an interesting story behind the nudes shot of Marilyn Monroe in 1949 by Tom Kelley which I found to be truly fascinating.

Looking at the contents page it breaks down the sectioning of the chapters and what is included in each. This a wonderful coffee table book filled with so many beautiful images, it in focusing on pinup calendars though and some people may find the images a little racy as there are a lot of tasteful nudes includes, but I love the female form, and these images are truly exquisite. If you’re a pinup looking for inspiration you don’t need to shoot nude, but these images will still give you great inspiration for poses and creating beautiful lines. 

All of the images are shot in beautiful colour and feature so many beautiful pinups. I love that the book features book Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield as well as pinups that could have been the girl next door.

In chapter 3 Jon features international calendars which is fabulous, quite often the American pinup is what we most see but its great to see representations for other cultures. 

At the back of the book Jon has a chapter called “The Art and Passion of Collecting” exploring the history of collecting, his own curation of the his calendar collection and his passions. This truly resonates deeply with me, being a collector myself I can see the passion he’s book into this book. 

The book also includes great reference guide including photographers, pinup models, and calendar companies which is especially marvellous if you’re inspired to futher delve into research on any of these aspects. 

Overall I do love this book. It is an unlimited resource of inspiration beautifully put together. It’s given me insight into things I didn’t know about, and has shared some incredible and rare pinup photos. Featuring nearly 400 beautiful pinups photos it is great addition to the book collection of any vintage lover and I couldn’t recommend this enough. Jon Ortner is a truly inspiring individual and I hope he continues to work within his passions and share more with the world.

Last night when I was going through the book again I noticed an image I didn’t during my last look at the book. On page 288 there’s a beautiful photograph “
The Coverup” and in my bathroom I have calendar with a super cute overlay which creates a cheeky reveal! It’s so amazing to see something I have a print of featured in this book! 

The book is available through Schiffer Books who has an amazing collection of pinup books, as well as amazon. I will include links to these below. It would be wonderful to support such an amazing author and his incredible work.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video reviewing this book. I’ve had so much fun putting this together. I hope it inspires you to delve into the world of collecting and beautiful pinup art. 

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