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Pinup Selfies!

Hello lovelies, it’s Miss Lady Lace here on my glamour channel with a new fabulous video. Today I’m sharing with you a tutorial on how I take my photos for the perfect pinup selfie! I’m not a professional photographer in anyway but taking photos for my blog, events and other work has been integral for me, a lot of these photos I need to take myself so I’ve come up with some tricks and tips I thought would be wonderful to share with you.

Like all the my tutorials and videos I share here these really are just guidelines, whilst I do have my own preferences and pet hates these are in no way strict rules. Pinup is all about having fun, so be true to you and above all have fun. 

No matter if you just loving dressing pinup, or are more serious about pinup as a career upgrading your selfie has many benefits, it can create a more beautiful look on Instagram or wherever you share your photos which can lead to better engagement. Having quality photos can lead to collaborations with brands, getting your own photos published and create an elevated brand for yourself which can lead to many other opportunities.

My equipment:
✦ Camera.
✦ Fotor App.
✦ Tripod.
✦ Selfie bracket phone holder.
✦ Photography lights.

It’s no secret that I love selfies, if you follow me in Instagram you’d know I post all the time! I love selfies because we can express ourselves, practise self love and appreciation of the beautiful vessel that is our body and possibly by sharing them we can inspire others too as well as brightening the day of others.  I’ve put this video together today to share my selfie secrets, so many people ask me how achieve a good selfie and I’m always happy to share!

I do hope you liked today’s video and maybe found it useful, I’d love to know what you think about all I’ve shared in the comments below, and if you have your own selfie tips and tricks please do share them.

If you love my videos and would like to further support my channel, I’m now on Patreon where you can join my exclusive community. To follow my daily pinup adventures I post super regularly to IG, I’ll include a link here as well as at the end of the video and to never miss out on my vintage fun be sure to hit that subscribe button and I’ll be see you all real soon! 

Much love, 

Pinup Girl | Burlesque Artist | Vintage Blogger 
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