Miss Lady Lace

Perth's very own pinup queen, burlesque artist, producer, & blogger.

Pinup Hair Wet Set Workshop

Do you struggle with curling your hair? Would you like to learn how to style authentically looking vintage hair that lasts more than a day? Miss Lady Lace presents the Pinup Hair Wet Set Workshop!

The Pinup Hair Wet Set Workshop is an exclusive workshop hosted by Miss Lady Lace teaching the art of curling your hair into pinup perfection using the classic art of the wet set. The workshop will teach a range of methods of curling but focuses on the how to get the perfect wet set teaching all the fundamentals, how to make your own setting lotions, setting patterns and so much more. The afternoon with begin with an introduction, look at different styles through the decades, teach different curling methods, then the wet set demonstration. Each student will use their foam curlers or other tools they’ve brought to set their hair with assistance from Miss Lady Lace. Brushing out methods and styling will be also demonstrated for you to try at home.

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