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Pinup Contest Workshop

Join Miss Lady Lace for an afternoon of vintage fun sharing her pinup contest tips, tricks and secrets for success on stage! Miss Lady Lace holds local, national and international titles in pinup contests and has over nine year of professional experience as a pinup.

This workshop will be breaking down:
✦ Applications.
✦ Bios.
✦ Judging criteria.
✦ Preparation.
✦ Create a pinup performance, and performance techniques.
✦ Poses.
and more.

Workshop details:
✦ Where: Upstairs at The Bassendean Hotel.
✦ When: 12:30pm – 3pm.
✦ How much: $30 per person.
✦ Bookings: Click “Pay with PayPal” below or email contact@ladylace.com.au.

Pinup Contest Workshop Class Fee

To secure your place for this workshop, click "Pay with PayPal" below. No refunds or exchanges are available for this class fee.


Learn all about the fabulous world of pinup contests and learn how to prepare yourself to feel confidence on stage.

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