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Student Solo Opportunities

All students enrolled with the Glamour Girl Burlesque School are eligible to take part in solo performances and to work on solo development. Solo student performers are to have acquired basic burlesque skills which will aid them in creating their own performances. Students are to be taking part in the Burlesque Performance Class to work on dance technique, repertoire, skills and performance techniques.

Committing to take part in a show as a solo student is a serious undertaking, failure to fulfil this commitment affects the show directly as well as paperwork, planning and many other elements. Withdrawing from a show requires 14 working day notice. 

Requirements for solo performances: 

  • Regularly attending burlesque classes with the Glamour Girl Burlesque School. 
  • Have a proficient understanding and ability to demonstrate basic burlesque dance moves and performance skills. 
  • The student is required to have taken part in a group performance with the Glamour Girl Burlesque School. 
  • Follow instructions regarding act development, brief and timeline given for shows. 
  • Comply with the Class & Event Conduct
  • Commitment to taking part in the show, dress rehearsal and any other show requirements. 

Student Solo Development Process: 

  1. Express interest in solo performances to Miss Lady Lace, this can be done during an appropriate time before and after class or by emailing contact@ladylace.com.au
  2. Once your expression has been received you’ll be required to submit the following to contact@ladylace.com.au, the information below is your “Student Performance Concept Brief”:
    – Your stage name:
    – Act concept/theme/storyline:
    – Music ideas:
    – Costume ideas (including colour):
    – Any other important information:
  3. With your brief received you’ll be sent your “Student Solo Timeline”, this will have deadlines for creating your performance. Before class (7pm – 7:15pm) or during the Burlesque Performance Class (7:15pm – 8:15pm) you will be required to discuss, rehearse or demonstrate completion of tasks such as:
    – Act development.
    – Act and costume planning.
    – Rehearsals of your performance.
    – Costuming. 
  4. All show information for the show show will be due two weeks prior to your performance. A MP3 copy of your music along with the tech details below are required to be emailed to cotnact@ladylace.com.au:
    – Performer name:
    – Contact number:
    – Bio for MC:
    – Act name and description:
    – Set up:
    – Starting on or off stage:
    – Any other important information:
  5. Details for the show day will be confirmed and sent out in the lead up to the event. 

Private Classes: 

Private Classes, act development and mentorship are available through Glamour Girl Burlesque School with Miss Lady Lace to further assist in solo and act development.

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