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Glamour Girl Burlesque School

The Glamour Girl Burlesque School teaches burlesque focusing on the classic art of the tease and vintage dance styles aiming to unlock your inner Glamour Girl! With classes every week suited to those of all levels gain confidence, fitness and have fabulous fun!

Run by Miss Lady Lace, who is a multi-award winning and international professional pinup girl, burlesque artist and vintage blogger with over eight years of experience. She is the current National Winner of the Australian Pinup Pageant and been published countless times nationally and internationally.

Both courses and workshops will be available within the genres of pinup, burlesque and vintage dancing, retro styling with both regular and one off events. If you’d like more information, to book, or have a question about anything vintage related please don’t hesitate to email Miss Lady Lace through contact@ladylace.com.au.

Join the Glamour Girl Burlesque School! Miss Lady Lace has a private group for students which includes details about upcoming event. Click here to join this!

Term 1 2020


Every Monday ✦

Classes are open to the public from Monday January 6th 2020!

7pm: Burlesque Performance Class
Learn all about burlesque in an exclusive performance class, with the opportunity for group and solo performances, which are completely optional. This class is suited to all those whether learning the basics or working on solo development.
8pm: Burlesque Fit
A fitness class incorporating elements of burlesque, vintage dance, fitness, strength and stretch. This class is perfect if you’re look to improve your general fitness, or condition your body for professional dancing. (yoga mat or towel require for this class).

January 4th:  2020 Class Launch Party ✦

Join Perth’s very own vintage queen for a FREE event for her 2020 class launch with the Glamour Girl Burlesque School. This event will include a victory roll demonstration and burlesque fun!

February 2nd: Victory Rolls & Confidence Workshop ✦

This fabulous workshop is two-in-one, combining a victory roll class, and confidence class into one fabulous event! This workshop will ignite your soul and leave you feeling beautiful and ready to face the world with glamorous victory rolls and a new found confidence.

2 comments on “Glamour Girl Burlesque School

  1. Tracey
    October 23, 2014

    Hi there I would so love to do this course. Please

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