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Monday Night Burlesque Classes

Learn new vintage skills, gain confidence and fitness, join Miss Lady Lace’s Pinup Academy & Events! Burlesque at The Bassendean Hotel is a new glamorous evening of vintage dance classes teaching you the art of the tease every Monday night.

7pm – 8pm: Burlesque Performance Class

Learn all about burlesque in an exclusive performance class, with the opportunity for group and solo performances, which are completely optional. This class is suited to all those whether learning the basics or working on solo development.

8pm – 9pm: Burlesque Fit

A fitness class incorporating elements of burlesque, vintage dance, fitness, strength and stretch. This class is perfect if you’re look to improve your general fitness, or condition your body for professional dancing. (yoga mat or towel require for this class)

Where:Β The Bassendean Hotel.

When:Β Every Monday Night from October 1st until December 10th.

How much: $20 for a casual class, $35 for both, or $90 for a six class pass.

What to bring/wear: Wear dance appropriate clothing (comfortable top, dance pants) and a pair of heels you can dance in if you feel confident. For burlesque fit 8pm – 9pm you’ll need a yoga mat or towel.

Designed to fit around those with busy schedules, they’re casual and you can join in whenever you please.

About Miss Lady Lace:
Miss Lady Lace is a multi-award winning international pinup girl, and burlesque artist with over 7 years of professional experience. Her biggest passions being sharing what she loves through teaching others and hosting wonderful vintage events.

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