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Sunday Pinup Tip: posture


Think about a pinup girl. Many images are conjured in my mind, a glamorous lady, elegant, red lips, victory rolls, and beautiful clothing. Poor posture is not on this list; while there are many people who suffer from back disorders and are unable to have to have perfect posture, it is about making the best with what we have. For the rest of us stand up straight!

Stand up straight!

Stand up straight!

In a photo shoots poor posture is very evident, it usually makes us look nervous, and unsure of what we’re doing. A pinup girls needs to be confident, even if you don’t feel it, fake it til you make it! I feel when I actively improve my posture I do feel more confident, and more ready to face whatever the world has to throw at me that day! It’s not just out mind that is aiding by having a good posture, but also our physicality. By standing properly, we prevent causing back pain/issues; we don’t weaken other parts of our body, and so much more!

Tips to improve your posture:

  • Gain an understanding of what correct posture is.
  • Look in a mirror, and not what areas are not in correct alignment, and work on this.
  • When using your computer, maintain a good posture, rather than slouching horribly in a couch (this is a hard habit to break!)
  • Core, having a strong core helps protect our back, and maintain good posture. To strengthen your core you can do
  • Research exercises to help improve posture.

Saying this all is much easier than putting into practise, I do not possess a perfect posture, but I believe it, like the rest of me is a constant work of trying to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be.

Much love,
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    August 3, 2014

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    August 4, 2014

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    Tips for improving posture!! Generally great advice!


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