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Pretty Things

Hello lovelies!

Today I’m featuring a whole bunch of pretty things that I’ve come across lately and I’d thought I’d share them with you all! I’m hoping to post this regularly to feature lots of different vintage brands both local and international to share just how fabulous they are!

Brooksy Hats: 1940’s Style Lupe Wrap Turban
brooksyhatsI stumbled upon Brooksy Hats as I follow them on Instagram, and I was really captured by their beautiful vintage styled hat and headwear designs. The 1940’s Style Lupe Wrap Turban is definitely one of my favourites; I love the colours, lilac and red aren’t seen together too often, but it looks amazing! I also adore vivacious design; it kind of reminds me of Carmen Miranda! The design itself comes in a range of colours, which are all equally fabulous!

Daisy Jean: Yellow Gerba Single 
daisyDaisy Jean are just the most fabulous new accessory company, I adore all their designs and have my very own custom piece which I reviewed just last week! I love the Yellow Gerba Single; it’s a beautiful silk flower of a Sunflower and would look just stunning with a matching yellow dress. I love this design because its so simple and elegant but still so vibrant, perfect for any season whether matching with spring, or contrasting against winter! Accessories are cheapest way to pinup-up an outfit for all your budget savvy gals out there!

Desperate Beatnik: Teardrop Glitter Earrings:
Desperate Beatnik are another company I’ve found through Instagram, and they’re vintage inspired jewellery is really one of a kind! They’re designs emulate what would have been seen during the golden age of glamour but really dazzle with a dash of modern pinup influence! These teardrop shaped earrings are to die for, they’re simple, and cute but the glitter in them really gives them that extra something special for wearing them with an evening look!

Purr Imaginations: Wonder Woman Skirt
10309368_256517384533413_2583687383826053565_n Purr Imaginations are another Perth based company that I love, run by the beautiful Nikkita Jayne who creates beautiful handmade clothing in both her designs and custom designs to suit your tastes! I adore her Wonder Woman skirt; you really can’t go wrong when vintage fashion meets pop culture! The attention to detail is just lovely in this skirt, with the beautiful lace and ribbon trim at the bottom of the skirt adding a fabulous flare!

Be sure to also check all these stores website/stores, as they do make so many other astounding pieces I know you’re going to fall in love with too!

More vintage vlogs and blogs coming real soon!

Much love,

Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger


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