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Lola Von Rose Review

Hello lovelies,

Last week I shared with you all my fabulous Cherrybomb Chat & What’s In My Bag video where I shared with you all what this pinup carries around to make vintage life a little easier! In the video I featured my fabulous new Lola Von Rose bag which as promise I’m reviewing for you today!

Lola Von Rose is a fabulous American reproduction bag company that produce beautiful replicas to vintage bags you would have seen during the golden age of glamour. Their beautiful pieces come in a range of colours including black, red, and coming soon in mint green, pink and white. They currently are all in one size and style, and feature an acrylic bag with rounded handle and metal latch and hinges.

I chose the red Lola Von Rose piece and I adore the colour, and with my red hair and lips its easy to match it with any outfit I wear, while black is classic red is much more of a statement. I’ve had this item for a few weeks now as with all items I receive I make sure I use them a lot so I’m able to best let you know what I honestly thought for a review. I also spent a little time talking about the bag in my video above and rather than typing this out you can view this on this blog too to make it a bit easier.

Firstly I must say no photo can capture just how fabulous this  purse is, the shape and style are reminiscent of true vintage styles and it has such an authentic aesthetic! The shipping was much quicker than anticipated, which is always great, and it also came with a beautiful postcard with the front saying “Greetings from Florida, The Land of Sunshine” with a thank you note on back which I thought was simply beautiful! Being a smaller bag I’m quite surprised how much I can fit within it, as I’m sure you saw in the video above! The shape of the handle is super handy, as well as having that glamorous and elongated look it also makes it easier to hold as you can slip it around your forearm, a few vintage purses I own on fit around my wrist or by hand which can be a little inconvenient when shopping so this is a big plus. The latch and hingers are really strong, which means your bag won’t spill open everywhere, and the only time I’ve done this is when I picked it up without first closing it properly (silly me!)


I can honestly say my Lola Von Rose bag is my new favourite piece and I take it mostly everywhere with me now! I think the design and style are stunning and I can’t wait to see what Lola Von Rose have planned for the future!


Be sure to follow them on social media for style inspiration and to see what they have coming out soon:

More vintage fun coming real soon!

Much love,

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