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Burlesque at The Bassendean

Hello lovelies,

Last night we launched our new glamorous classes at The Bassendean Hotel for my Pinup Academy with a wonderful group of ladies who did incredibly well stepping outside their comfort zone and killing it in the burlesque class!

With this I’m so excited to share that all classes will now be moving over to The Bassendean Hotel!

Tuesdays: Casual Vintage Classes:

7pm – 8pm: Casual Vintage Classes are a glamorous weekly drop in class featuring a new vintage dance class each week, with styles like burlesque, pinup, showgirl and so many others.

Thursdays: Burlesque @ The Basso 

7pm – 8pm: Burlesque Performance Class
Learn all about burlesque in an exclusive performance class, with the opportunity for group and solo performances, which are completely optional. This class is suited to all those whether learning the basics or working on solo development.

8pm – 9pm: Burlesque Fit
A fitness class incorporating elements of burlesque, vintage dance, fitness, strength and stretch. This class is perfect if you’re look to improve your general fitness, or condition your body for professional dancing. (yoga mat or towel require for this class)

I hope to see you there!




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