Miss Lady Lace

Perth's very own pinup queen, burlesque artist, producer, & blogger.

Parties & Functions

If you’re organising an event whether it be a private function, corporate function, stage show, hens night, or party Miss Lady Lace has the perfect package for you, and the perfect performance to make a memorable event that really stands out.

Fringe Festival 2013  Photography by Cam Campbell 3

Photography by Cam Campbell

Vintage dance styles are the perfect addition to any event and add an element of pure glamour and opulence. Miss Lady Lace offers performances suited for both all age events, and adults’ only events and can cater them to your every need.

Styles of Performances:

  • Vintage & modern burlesque.
  • Vintage showgirl.
  • Chair dances.
  • Feather Fan dance.
  • 1920’s Charleston dance.
  • Pinup performance.
  • Circus & vaudeville.

And other vintage dance styles.


To discuss your event with Miss Lady Lace please email contact@ladylace.com.au


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