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Upcoming Events

Miss Lady Lace is involved with a number of exciting events, classes and workshop within Perth. This page will be kept up to date with all her vintage endeavours to make it easier for you to be involved in the thriving pinup scene.


February 2018:

 ✦ 20th: Casual Vintage Classes  ✦
More details coming soon!

21st: Fringe Show: announcement coming soon!

 ✦ 27th: Casual Vintage Classes 
For this week we have a fabulous stretch, and strength class. For this class you need a towel or yoga mat.

March 2018

 ✦ March 6th: Casual Vintage Classes ✦
For this week we have a fabulous burlesque handography class.

 ✦ March 13th: Casual Vintage Classes ✦
For this week we have a fabulous 1920’s Charleston class

 ✦ March 18th: Victory Rolls & Confidence Masterclass

 ✦ March 20th: Casual Vintage Classes 
More details coming soon!

 ✦ March 24th: The Boudoir Burlesque Show ✦
More details coming soon!

 ✦ March 27th: Casual Vintage Classes ✦
More details coming soon!

April 2018

 ✦ April 29th: Vintage Pinup Workshop: High Tea Glamour. ✦
More details coming soon!

May 2018

 ✦ May 26th: Moonlight Serenade Burlesque ✦
More details coming soon!

June 2018

 ✦ June 17th: Vintage Pinup Workshop: Tropical Paradise ✦
More details coming soon!

July 2018

 ✦ July 15th: Wet Set Workshop. ✦
More details coming soon!

 ✦ July 21st: The Boudoir Burlesque Show. ✦
More details coming soon!

August 2018

 ✦ August 26th: Vintage Pinup Workshop: The Giant Martini Glass. ✦
More details coming soon!

September 2018

 ✦ September 8th: The Pinup Prom ✦
More details coming soon!

✦ More events will be announced soon! ✦

For event enquiries, bookings or to have Miss Lady Lace at your next event email contact@ladylace.com.au or fill out the contact form below.

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