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A Martini Glass, You Say?

Just by reading the title you may be a little intrigued to what this post is on about. Well its related to the big news you could ONLY

Dita in her martini glass, will look very similar to this!

read on my official website, but I’ve also decided to also announce my big news here too with the debut of my first blog website! Its a big prop I’ve wanted since my discovering of burlesque, and its a dream come true to announce that *drums rolls* I will be picking up a GIANT MARTINI GLASS (burlesque prop) at the end of this week! Before you start thinking of a one that looks like a typical “Y” martini shape, but its actually the shape of 1950’s champagne glass (its impossible to sit in a martini shape, and if you say giant champagne glass you think of the long “U” shaped one, which is even more impossible than the martini shape).

My first act with this beautiful baby will be at our next grad show starring 4 classes worth of my dazzling students! Only $15 at the door, and oh what a show  you will be getting for more details check out Lady Velvet Cabaret’s Facebook Page as well as the event page!

This weekend is actually quite a big one, with not only this magical prop, but its the Catherine D’lish master class (which I will be writing a review for) as well as the long awaited, and final tour of the one and only Burlesque Ball starring such big names as Catherine D’lish, Lola The Vamp, Rita Fontaine (Miss Burlesque 2010). The theme for this ball is “Exotic Garden”! I’ll be working at the BB (burlesque ball) as the stage hand, so I will be able to meet, great, assist, and chat to all the amazing stars of this show and be able to give you the backstage scoop!

Be sure to stay tuned!

Love always,
Lady Lace
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2 comments on “A Martini Glass, You Say?

  1. Ravie
    February 13, 2013

    I’ve been looking for a reliable martini glass prop, where did you get yours (if you don’t mind my asking, its part of an anniversary gift)?

    • Miss Lady Lace
      February 18, 2013

      Another local burlesque performer’s husband is a prop maker, she had one made up, and I requested to have one made up too, lucky for me she allowed it. I don’t think they’ll be making up any more as its quite a unique prop, the more there are the less unique they become.

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