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Whirlwind Week

Good afternoon lovelies!

The past week has been incredibly busy; I unfortunately didn’t even have time to make it to the Perth Burlesque Festival, but I’m still having an amazing time! I recently started jazz, Broadway jazz, ballet, contemporary, body conditioning and stretch and flexibility classes with a fabulous dance school to improve my dance technique; so far I feel I’ve achieved so much all while having such fun. This has taken up quite a bit of time, which is why I’ve not been too active online but never fear I’m starting to better time manage with this new activity, and will be pack to my regular postings very soon!

I taught my fabulous Pinup Bootcamp class on Tuesday where my students had their third class where they learnt how to pose with props and floor poses, as well as continuing learning their routine that they’ll be performing at our next graduation show on the 21st of July. In the Pinup Bootcamp course students learn history, fundamentals, characterisation/pinup names, body confidence, basic poses, floor poses, posing with props, hair, makeup, and styling as well as a cute routine they have the option of performing at Lady Velvet Cabaret’s graduation show, and a pinup photoshoot in the final week. To view the last lots of pinup student’s performance click here. The next term of Pinup Bootcamp begins 23rd of July, for more information and enrolments click here!

Photography by PMD Photography - Makeup & Hair by Lady Lace

Photography by PMD Photography – Makeup & Hair by Lady Lace

On Saturday I got to take part in a shoot with PMD Photography, not as a model, but as a makeup artist and hair stylist! I’ve actually been qualified as a makeup artist for over two years but mainly used my skills for stage makeup and teaching methods in my pinup and burlesque classes, though I’m now looking to expanding this to work professionally as a makeup artist specialising in vintage glamour. At this shoot I was lucky enough to do makeup and hair styling for a beautiful woman named Claire who was in desperate need of feeling glamorous, having three children has kept her so busy she hasn’t had time to reflect on just how beautiful she truly is. Claire was transformed into a stunning pinup model and captured the most glamorous photos.

Later that day I taught a burlesque class at a 40th birthday party to a lovely bunch of ladies who did really well in the class especially considering that no one in the class had any dance or performance experience. The party was a surprise for one of their friends whose birthday is actually in September but for the element of surprise they decided to do it months in advance!

More updates coming soon!

Much love,

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