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Miss Sou’West Entrants

Good afternoon lovelies!

The Sou’West Vintage Fest 2014 is getting closer and closer with much excitement for the anticipation of this fabulous event. A big part of this is The Miss Sou’West pinup contest, of which we have many fabulous entrants, but we’re still able to take a few more. A lot of lovely ladies I know who are considering entering are worried about how big this contest is, as they’re concerned about the work you need to put into something like this, but today I’m clearing up any misconceptions.


This pinup contest is designed to be fun, supportive and light-hearted, there aren’t several categories of clothing, or rules that bind you to have a certain aesthetic, we want it to be fun day where women of all ages and sizes can come together and celebrate their love of vintage glamour, and empower each other in the process.


Each entrant only needs to have one outfit under the theme wear category of Western, which is open to interpretation, with one minute on stage to pose up a storm. While we do have guidelines for how long to hold each poses, and many other elements (which can be seen in another post I’ve published), these are for more giving an understanding on what will give the highest marks, while there will be people who are more serious about the contest, Miss Sou’West caters for all lovers of vintage, whether you’re just looking to have a bit of fun, gain some confidence, if you’d like experience in a pinup contest, or even if you’re planning to be a future pinup icon.


If you have any question concerning the pinup contest, if if you’d like to enter, or be involved in any way, feel free to email me on contact@ladylace.com.au, I’m always happy to help in any way I can.

We look forward to seeing you at Miss Sou’West taking place November 15th!

Much love,








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