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Cherrybomb Glamour!

Hello lovelies,

On the weekend I had a fabulous time with Chloe from Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour. Chloe entered the WAIHS Championships under the category of Summer Bridal, and I was her hair model for this! She spent time researching, planning and creating something very special and I was so thrilled to be involved in the process and the event.

We met at Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour early Sunday morning for her to begin styling her glamorous look for the contest. We chatted, enjoyed coffee, and it wasn’t long before she created a masterpiece. It was quite a warm spring day, we arrived prepared with time to spare.

Chloe joined the crowd and I awaiting side of stage to go on, there were quite a few entrants for this category, and I was the second last to walk down the runway, as they announced our number I twirled down the runway showing off to the audience our wonderful look. All models then went off stage to be judged more closely and have our photos taken. We finished around 3pm and had to wait till 8pm to find out the results. I headed home to rest, and Chloe returned to the venue in the evening.

Before I reveal how we did, I’d like to take time to appreciate the artist behind this beautiful look. Chloe is wonderful woman and dear friend of mine who has been a hair stylist for a little while, but only recently became an apprentice at Cherrybomb, and is in her first year of this. The category we competed under (summer bridal) is an open category, meaning that anyone can compete, long-term hard dresser or apprentice and I feel her having the courage do to this is already a huge accomplishment, she worked hard and achieved something amazing.

With all of this said I’m so thrilled to announce that we placed SECOND! I’m so incredible proud of Chloe, she’s an absolute superstar! In the world of vintage styling, I would say she’s definitely someone worth watching because she is someone so passionate and I know she can achieve her dreams!

More vintage fun coming soon!

Much love,

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2 comments on “Cherrybomb Glamour!

  1. theprettyandthekitsch
    November 8, 2017

    Second place is amazing! She did a wonderful job and you look stunning! 🙂 You should both be extremely proud!

    • Miss Lady Lace
      December 11, 2017

      Most definitely, especially as Chloe is a first year apprentice competing against hair dressers with many years of experience. She’s one amazing lady to watch because she’s going to achieve some amazing things!

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