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Another Day, Another Show!

Fringe has officially commenced with a bang! We’ve already had two Lucha Roayle shows, launching our first on Friday the 27th, receiving amazing reviews from critiques, including an review written by Perth Voice! Its a true spectacle including 4 theatrical luch libre wrestling matches, circus performers, fire dances, and burlesque artists! This week not only do we have another lot of Lucha Royale shows but our Burlesque Garden extravaganza starts this Thursday, though I’m only in Friday night show showcasing my new martini glass dance, The Pink Rose. These coming shows, I’ll be taking lots of photos of our backstage shenanigans  and going into the inner workings of a show.

This weeks as most weeks has been super busy, and I’m very happy to be finally able to show you some of that work. Yesterday I had the privilege to work with Simone Addison Photography. A truly lovely photographer, who a true passion resulting in amazing results. We teamed up with the event planner Queen of Themes to style some opulent images including bird cages, vintage frocks, chaise loungers, and much more. I only have a few shots to give you a sneak peep, but more are on their way!

Photography by Simone Addison


Photography by Simone Addison


Hope you like them!

Much love,
Lady Lace


One comment on “Another Day, Another Show!

  1. bondanphotoworks
    January 31, 2012

    nice picture

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