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Beating Performance Nerves

Hello lovelies,

This is a special blog I’m writing not only for all my fabulous readers, but also for my wonderful entrants in my Pinup Parade who’ve asked me about how to tackling their performance nerves. This Sundays as a part of The Vintage Collective Market my Pinup Parade will be running for the second time, after a very successful event in October 2014. Many beautiful women will be showcasing their love of vintage glamour, and this year we have two categories; pinup and illustrated pinup! If you’d like to come along to this event, more information can be found by clicking here.

Nerves are something everyone experiences before performing, no matter if you’ve been performing for 10 years, or its your first time, everybody will experience some sort of nerve before they hit the stage, or even days leading up to an event.

Each of us will experience nervousness and it will effect us all in different ways, but here I’ve devised a few different ways to try and correct our thinking, and help manage our nerves:

Be Prepared 
Preparation is the key to killing nerves, one of the biggest causes of being nervous is feeling underprepared for a show, write down what needs to be done, for my pinups practise your routine until you can do it with your eyes closed, the better you know something the more you can concentrate purely on performing and having fun.

Great Things Are Only Achieved Outside Our Comfort Zone
If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. It takes a lot of courage to take to the stage and perform, but when we go outside our comfort zone we push ourselves beyond our limits and we can gain so much happiness and confidence. Understand why we’re doing something can also be very helpful, what are you hoping to get out of performing?
alberto-vargas-varga-girl2Be Confident
Fake it until you make it if nothing else, but no matter what happens on stage, even if you fall over, if you do it with confidence your audience will believe that’s what was meant to happen!

Think Positively
Positive self talk is an important aspect to getting rid of your nerves, when a negative nerve-causing thought comes into your head, take not of it, appreciate it, then give yourself some positive self talk. Even if you don’t believe, if you tell yourself something every single day, you will be embody it one day.
Have a back up plan
A big part of being well prepared is having a back up plan, make sure you have everything you need, and have everything you need in case something goes wrong, like you can’t comfortably walk on stage in the shoes you’ve brought. For all my events I have spare shoes and an emergency kit with needle and thread, double sided tape, and other items I may need.

Be Well Rested
Before the big show, be well rested, have a good night’s sleep. Leading up to the big day ensure you’re living a healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising, and sleeping well, this will help you be in the best positive state of mind to perform.
Alberto Vargas 160Write Down Your Thoughts
If something is on your mind, and troubling you, write down your thoughts, put down into words what’s bothering, and weigh up if this is something worth causing you to worry, if so right down a proactive plan on how you can work on this or prevent this. Eliminate all your fears, by making them impossible.

Don’t Feed Your Fear
There’s the famous example of someone with a glass of water, if you hold that water for 5 seconds its no problem, but if you hold it for 5 hours you’re going to be in quite a bit of pain. With our fears the more we hold onto them and the more we feed them the bigger and more painful they become. If we accept them, and let them go, we can achieve so much more. This is something that is easier said than done, but is definitely worth the work.
alberto vargas varga girl 2Channel Your Nerves
Similar to my last point, there’s no point feeding your fear, channel that energy into your passions, those who perform usually aren’t doing it for the fame of performing but rather because we are incredibly passionate for something. Use all the energy that you have and make your passion and performance visible from the back of the audience.

Support Each Other
Everyone single person is in the same boat, with the pinup parade most of the women taking part are very new to performing, if you support one another and help lift each other up, rather than bringing each other down, it can truly be an incredible experience where you can meet some lifelong friends.

Hopefully this has been a little help for all of you, if you ever have any questions please feel free to send me a message and I’d be more than happy to try and help you further.

More vintage vlogs and blogs coming soon!

Much love,

Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger


2 comments on “Beating Performance Nerves

  1. Odette Morphette
    January 14, 2015

    Thanks for these pointer Lady, I have found myself doing quite a few of these things in the past few day (positives and negatives) hopefully I can use some of these tips to keep my nerves at bay xxx

    • Miss Lady Lace
      January 16, 2015

      It makes me very happy to hear that your find this useful! I can’t wait to see you perform on Sunday! 🙂

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